We are so thrilled that Delphine Diagnostics’ leadership team participated in the Puerto Rico Biosciences Emerging Companies Network. Our presentation received significant attention, and we made new connections on the island. Special thanks to A4G, The Puerto Rico Economic Development Alliance, for organizing such events, bringing us together, and building platforms.

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The Puerto Rico Economic Development Alliance hosted a round table with 12 healthcare start-ups where among other topics, the history, attributes, and feasibility of the island were shared to facilitate their entrance into the Puerto Rican market.

The objective was to get to know the Companies that have chosen Puerto Rico or are exploring this market for their development & growth.
“The Alliance wanted to provide the appropriate forum to discuss their vision of development. As well as the areas of opportunity that the island has to attract and retain these industries that see PR as an option to develop and establish their operations”, said Rodrigo Masses.

During the discussion, which was hosted at the Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde and organized by the Alliance, which is an organization comprised of leaders of the private sector with the objective of providing a platform that serves as a guide to the economic development of the island. It was stated that the goal of the meeting was to meet and guide the Companies that are considering or have chosen Puerto Rico for their growth, their projects and challenges, and what motivates them to select the island.
Among points discussed, the Companies agreed that establishing themselves in PR represents an added value because the island has exceptional talent trained and experienced by the pharmaceutical industry as well as the ideal ecosystem for the development of the industry. Also noted were the challenges to continue developing the industry include energy, changes to the US tax laws, the pandemic, R&D infrastructure, and access to investment capital.

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