Delphine Sepsis Diagnostic Test Kit

Our novel approach to infection diagnosis and treatment decision support COMING SOON!

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Delphine Diagnostics Inc.

Our vision is to enhance human Healthcare by engaging in the development and supply of best- in-class, affordable products for diagnostics; and provide value-added services like data insights capabilities on a long-term basis




Delphine Diagnostics, a New Jersey-based startup, is passionate in its efforts to deliver best-in-class diagnostics products to speed effective treatment for patients with infectious diseases. The affordability and reliability of our innovative products guide our journey.

Strategic Intent

Delphine Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics enterprise that aims to manufacture and supply certified testing kits to approved facilities following global best practices.


As part of augmenting our service to the healthcare needs of patients, service providers (payers), and healthcare providers, our enterprise is planning:

The enterprise team is led by domain and business experts with service and ethical mindsets, across disciplines ranging from Biomedical Science (Pathology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry), Data Analytics, and Market development.


Sepsis Diagnostic Test Kits

As this ground-breaking diagnostic kit nears its development stage, its impact will be far-reaching, promising to revolutionize the field of infection diagnosis and treatment decision support. By expediting accurate diagnosis, tailoring treatments to individual patients, and optimizing antimicrobial usage, this novel technology holds the potential to save lives, improve patient care, and contribute to the global fight against antibiotic resistance.

Technical Support for Labs & Clinicians

Delphine Diagnostics is developing an app incorporating machine learning algorithms to empower clinicians with real-time decision support. By leveraging a vast database of patient information, treatment guidelines, and clinical outcomes, the kit’s intelligent software will aid healthcare providers in selecting the most appropriate antimicrobial regimen, dosage, and duration. This personalized approach enhances the efficacy of treatment, reduces the likelihood of adverse events, and ultimately improves patient outcomes.



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