Research And Development Scientist

Job description

Scientist in Research & Development

Delphine Diagnostics is a New Jersey-based life sciences startup. We are passionate about creating high-quality diagnostics products that accelerate effective treatment for patients with infectious diseases. We began commercialization work on our second product, a bundled offering that includes a PCR diagnostic panel and artificial intelligence (machine learning) interpretation engine that will identify and recommend the next best action for clinical decision-making, thereby saving the lives of patients at risk of developing sepsis, a life-threatening diagnosis. We have a dedicated team committed to this mission and are growing. Our research and development lab is located at the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship (ILSE) at Kean University in Union County, New Jersey.

Profile of Applicant

· New Jersey Resident or future New Jersey Resident (an applicant willing to relocate to New Jersey)

· Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, or other Life Sciences Ph.D. Graduate within the last 18 months

· Applicant meets all eligibility of a Fellow in the New Jersey Innovation & Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)

New Jersey Innovation & Research Fellowship Program (IRFP) NOTICE OF GRANT OPPORTUNITY (NGO) Announcement Date: January 18, 2022, Application Due Date: April 19, 2022 Start Date / End Date of Grant Program: June 15, 2022 – May 14, 2024

The applicant is a Ph.D. Graduate who is ready to contribute to our commercialization work. The individual will collaborate with cross-functional teams and research clinicians to commercialize new diagnostic products that accelerate clinical decision-making and save lives. We aim to prevent avoidable deaths due to sepsis.

Primary Responsibilities

· Explore, identify, and confirm Product-Market Fit through a structured method called Customer Discovery; see I-CORPS at

· Replicate existing capability (from our technical partner) and refine the method for running an existing Sepsis Diagnostic Panel on RT-PCR (ThermoFisher QuantStudio or equivalent) equipment at Kean Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory is co-located with ILSE at Kean University.

· Perform molecular biology work in support of product development.

· Collaborate with research partners, including physicians, nurses, other health professionals, and hospital administrators at local universities, hospitals, and medical centers.

Minimum Educational Qualifications

· Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, or other Biological Sciences Ph.D. Graduate within the last 18 months

Required Experience and Skills


· Experience in molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, or bioanalytical chemistry.

· Proficient in scientific writing, data analysis, and reporting

· Proficient in scientific information research tools

· Written and verbal communication skills

· Familiar with RT-PCR, nucleic acid extraction, and molecular biological tools

· Knowledge of diagnostics, medical devices, and regulatory approval processes

Principal Scientist